PTA Mission

We will be the customers' first choice with a service and product quality matched to their needs.

Product Quality

At OPTC , changes in process design and increases in output have never compromised product quality. OPTC delivers product quality of the highest standard, consistent and suitable for every application of polyester expertise extends from DMT and polymer grade TA, through to world leading merchant grade PTA.
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OPTC  PTA - Preferred Feedstock for Polyesters
OPTC PTA(Pure Terephthalic Acid) is the main and preferred feedstock to the polyester industries in the production of whole series of polyester products ranging from staple fibre , filament , packaging resins (PET bottle) , film and various resins.
OPTC's PTA is manufactured to the tightest Specification in the market (PTA specification) and has established its reputation in the industry for its quality and consistency.

OPTC has obtained Quality Assurance Registration for PTA manufacturing under the internationally recognised standard BSEN ISO 9002(ISO9002). The site operation is also registered to the International Environmental Protection Standard ISO 14001(ISO14001). With regard to the safety information of PTA please refer to MSDS attached.

Logistic Service

With almost 30 years experience in the PTA business, we are expert in delivering our product safely to customers. OPTC manages a logistics service which has the highest standard in the industry and can deliver product in whatever form of packaging customers require



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